Welcome, evolved humans.

Here's a quick list of what I can bring to your company, agency or team:
     *  I create scripts, ideas, strategies, and lead cross-discipline creative teams   
 *  I stitch narratives across product experiences
 *  I inspire teams to sing the same song. Move in a direction. And win.
* I thrive in the chaos of pitches    
     *  I have a steady hand, don't freak out and deliver
     *  I have years of agency experience, all the niches, all the flavors
Here's a little more about me.
Glad you visited this page, it means you understand people are much more than just the pixels they push. I’ll save you the long, storied history of my career adventures (LinkedIN can do that), but tell you that with all my experience, I have an incredible amount of passion and energy that I bring to any team. I love solving business problems, improving less-than-stellar experiences and creating ideas. That energy is contagious and enthusiasm sets fires.
Technology needs to delight.
We're so wrapped up in our touch points, channels and feature-sets that we forget to realize there are human beings on the other end of the digital things we make. Creating a smart or even emotive narrative still adds delight to experiences (digital or otherwise) and I believe brings people along to the next step. Writing with an authentic tone that captures imagination is still valuable to your nifty new digital product, website, film, advertising or social media campaign.
Make a decision. Follow through.  
Leaders know how to get people to work together and work hard. They identify obstacles, they set directions, they shatter paralysis. They should get everyone’s eye on the ball without making it feel like a chore. 
Engage everyone.
I don’t know about you, but fear never made me work harder. It made me check out. How do you get everyone to make great work? Make them a valued part of it. Every award-winning team I've been on, I've made sure everyone was included and bought-in.
Break the rules. Break your patterns.
The hardest thing to do is to see your own habitual patterns and break them. This is the same for anyone creative. Good creative directors just push to get their own vision. Great creative directors understand every creative project has it's own soul and help creatives & clients discover something new. Ask creatives for the ideas they left behind and more times than not, you will find gold.
320. 640. 1280. + Native.
If you're neck-deep in digital, you know what these mean. I am well-versed in being in the trenches of digital product design and love it. 
Don't forget to breathe.
A clear, present mind prevails. I purposefully take time to have fun. Play actually leads to new ideas and allows for gaining perspective. Let’s work hard, but let’s also have a laugh and enjoy whatever the day brings.
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